May 18, 2010
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Our friendship is now gone, vanished to me.
Lost in my memories, partially forgotten.
Your treasured smile is a blur.
But your laugh still lunges out in my mind.
Clear as a crystal, sharp like a spindle.
Embracing you as I cried was soothing.
I knew you wouldn’t let me go until I told you I was alright.
You were the lyrics coupled with my lullaby.
Two separate, individual pieces to a masterpiece,
But a lullaby without any lyrics is simply just a hum.

You were my stunningly beautiful best friend.
That outer and inner loveliness turned to soot.
Compliance was the enemy breathing down your neck.
Why did you feel you needed something more?
You already had me to share laughs, moments, and memories with.

I showed you love and care, they showed you deceit.
Did you not notice they only saw your outside glamour?
Not the benevolence of your inside.
They ripped you apart, distorted you into someone I didn’t know,
Someone I did not want to be acquainted with.
They shoved bottles of sin into your hands
And filled you up with smoke filled desire.

You are so vulnerable and weak for letting them get under your skin.
Your ego was fighting for you to listen, solemnly.
Your Self worth told you no, stop! In all its efforts it failed.
My best friend was morphing in front of my eyes
From a beautiful individual, into an ugly someone.
Changing From a striking butterfly into an unpleasant moth.

5O couldn’t create lasting memories with you.
It couldn’t compare to our Lifetime marathons, our laughter.
The feeling of euphoria was your tender comfort in times of need.
Rather than my shoulder.
You longed to fit in with the wrong crowd.
You were searching high and low for attention.
You got heads to turn,
Not from admiration, with utterances of disbelief.
You twisted into a girl with no morals, nor ethics.
You threw your value away right before our eyes and
I no longer know you at all
Nor do I want to know you.

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