Mind Over Matter

May 18, 2010
By Dalton47 SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
Dalton47 SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
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Left alone hopelessly waiting for simple words of reassurance
Numbness has overwhelmed me
A smooth river flows for the longest distance only to be dammed at the end
Never running nature’s course
But the tears now overflow that river
For we are now in dire straights
A situation left in only questions marks and sleepless hours
My mind aches
A paranoid sensation of loss
The absence of words that make me feel at home leaves me bitter
Wanting nothing more than to hear them
A certain three I miss the most
So I say them for her
Because I don’t know how she feels
Alls I can do is hope
The truth is that nothing has hurt more so fast
Leaving a shambled wreckage of what was so beautiful
How long it will take to rebuild no one really knows
One piece at a time
We work….
We know ….
We love…

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