This Plain

May 18, 2010
By NikkiB GOLD, Newtown, Pennsylvania
NikkiB GOLD, Newtown, Pennsylvania
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I've stood here on this plain before...

where the clouds drift by like pieces of Heaven
and the tall grass sways to the song of the wind

where the green land and the red land converge into one
and the sunset is bright but calming and peaceful

where the mountains are artistic expressions, not obstacles
and the hills are mystical things

where the roads and streets and civilization are far away
and the roaring of cars is dimmed

where the rain is gentle, not hammering
and the little lake harbors my deepest thoughts

where mosquitos are chased with the welcome of fireflies
and there is no darkness near

where the air is thin, elegant and swift
and the sky proves hope and happiness

...and the burdens of the people are carried elsewhere

I stood here, waiting, watching, seeing

and I gazed at this Wonderland
where so many are reluctant to go
caught up in the troubles of this world
afraid of what the day will bring in its unfamiliar, terrifying hands

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