hoping all my life

May 18, 2010
Hoping one day I will get noble friends beside my advises: some of them don’t like me anyway. I hope to runaway with hatred and depression in my body. Over flowing with my heart finally stopping. I hope one day my parents can trust me. I hope one day they won’t and go do something just to bring me down. I’m hoping one day I will be forgiven or forgotten. I hope to never see the light of day or the darkest of night. I’m hoping that cadets of which I help and respect return it. I'm hoping one day all cadets will respect me too. I need guidance and I need help. “God is all I have and god is all I need” is what is mind is telling me, but my heart is too cold to answer. I’m hoping to fall in into a never ending sleep never to wake up. I hope to be happy sleeping forever. I hope to get a laugh here and there. I hope that I can’t hope for me.

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