Nature's Song

May 17, 2010
By acrylic BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
acrylic BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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Trapped within the confines of my house,
I peer out the window,
my hands gripping the cold hard edge.

I peer into the distance and I witness the
grass drinking in joy.
I see the June bug dancing in the street.
I hear the pitter-patter
on the leaves.

Nature is singing songs of Hallelujah,
and I’m stuck in my house.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by a writing exercise that emphasized description and personification. The intention of this poem is to reflect the mind of a tired observer of the rainy day outside. The observer notices interesting things, such as the dancing June bug and becomes more keen to his surroundings. The yearning to traverse into the wet world outside should clearly apparent, yet there seems to exist an obstacle preventing the observer from doing so, whether that be physical or instructional. Example scenarios include: the doors to the house being locked or the observer, assuming him or her needing to be guarded, being strictly instructed by his or her parent(s) to not exit the house, for whatever reason. The aforementioned two examples are many of the options that the reader can conclude regarding the final line, but it is ultimately up to the reader to decide.

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