Writing Process

May 17, 2010
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Interruption has overcome me!
And inspiration has crept into my mind.
Despite the fact that currently
I’m occupied with something else.

This inspiration is poking at my brain,
It wants a sure spot on paper.
I stop what I’m doing
And look inwards,
I dwell on this one thought for a moment
It’s foreign and foggy,
But I close my eyes and reserve it a spot in the back of my brain,
In hopes that I won’t forget.

As soon as possible
This idea spills out of my pen in
Yelling at my hand,
“Don’t forget this part!”

When I’m sure I have the idea down
I leave it, overcome with relief.
When, again, this inspiration is tugging at my mind
I return to it.

This time I mold the scrambled words
Of a muddled idea
Into something comprehendible.

Now I read it, over and over.
Changing things and editing.
Like a puzzle I sort out the little pieces and
Find their fitting spot in the story,
The poem,
Whatever it is.

After repeating this process
Time and time again
I soon have something solid,
No longer is this idea panicking to
Glob onto a piece of paper,
To be heard.

It is mature now,
It has blossomed,
It’s finished.

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