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May 17, 2010
I'm about pleasure
But I bring the greatest Pain
I'm suppost to be shared with love
Not just another thing
I do it with trust
I do it with love
I do it with respect
And all of the above
I shouldn't be made up with lies
And I shouldn't make the other feel pressured
Not even close to the thought of being used
I make the passion grow strong and make you fall in love
I'm powerful and emotional
I make you attach like no other
The Chemicals and hormones released with each stroke
Not letting you want to let go, not even stop
Making you fly fall and crash with the one you just gave it to
You gave your soul, you're heart away just like nothing
I make you worry and make you want it again
I drive you crazy, make you wonder
Would i do it again?
Who Am I you ask me this
Don't take me for granted
I'm all guys want or even think
I make them believe it's ok to lie and cheat
I make them crave it all the time
I make them believe it's ok to use
Even someone as innocent as you.

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