Dream World

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Dream World

Who doesn’t dream?

I dream of a world were the sun shines all day
Music bumpin’ to the hot air outside
No worries about if the next day isn’t there
I wouldn’t be so sensitive; I just put my anger aside,
Because everything would be alright
And nobody could stop me from living my dreams big
But that’s only my dream world

A world were you can look into someone’s eyes and see no pain
Because you understand their stories as if it’s your own
Changing with the time as it goes by living to the highest
Anxious because I keep stepping closer to my future
Life is what you make it; at least that’s what they say
But I know I’ll make it, full-filling my dreams someday
That’s my dream world

The author's comments:
The song Dream World inspired me

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