In and Out

May 16, 2010
By , Magnolia, MS
A love we once has is now faded
Lost in a world of unknown
All the happiness and laughter
Is now tears and pain
You was once mine and I yours
But now we're trapped in a world of despair

For a year we held each other
Battled in and out of our own trials and tribulations
For we was one, you and I
I was your queen, you my king
No one could stop us for we were the "It" factor

But some how through it all
The love that was opnce there no longer
Perhaps for merely a second I looked into
Your eyes and you into mine
We shed tears as we said our goodbyes

And the love that was once in
Is now out and for nearly a second
We forgotten what true love really is
You held my hand as I held yours
And we drifted back into the heart of each other
As one and one for the other

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