Nothing To Say, Everything To Lose

May 16, 2010
By RichardAA BRONZE, Miami, Florida
RichardAA BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"L.I.F.E. - Love Influences Favorable Endings"

I kick,
I scream,
I cry.
These tears feeling as though my soul were leaking,
I fear my nightmares have escaped my sleep and become reality.
They broke through the walls I have built with my own hands,
every finger creaking with rust,
and turning to dust.
The remnants of my ever-lasting memories being portrayed via my stone-cold rage,
I kick,
I scream,
I cry.
The oxygen feels as though it thins with every muscle-stretching gasp,
my voice of reason begins to fade slowly into the dark depths of my emotions.
The bottomless abyss begins to come to a close,
I hit rock bottom.
My legs fractured are now shattering,
I plummet to the ground where I shall be chained soon enough.
With every punch to the air,
I swing my arms as though they were not a part of my body.
I lose consciousness of my own mind,
I kick,
I scream,
I cry.
My pain will never end,
it is as though I claw at this locked door.
My nails have ripped as I heard them grind against the cold steel,
I know they will not grow back this time.
I now use my doll-like body,
the never-ending rage within the core of my tormented soul fueled my every earth-tumbling slam.
I shake,
I stumble,
I fall.
Is this the end of the pain-numbing adrenaline?
I hear a voice of an unknown but familiar warmth,
I regain my voice of reason.
I feel the touch of a hand that knows compassion,
the consciousness of my arms and legs come back to me.
The smell of the air returns to me,
my breathing is no longer abnormal.
I see the face of a person who understands,
I no longer see abstract in front of me.
The taste of bitter rage escapes my torn tongue,
I.. smile?
The rust brushes gracefully off the beams of my mental structure,
the skeleton of my body regaining it's strength to get up.
I feel the will to ascend invigorate my every movement,
my emotions escape me through my weak mouth.
I am finally at a verbal meet.
The sanity returns to me,
it's spot in my soul shrouded in dust and cobwebs.
It's good to be back,
I have envied this ever so distant peace.
With this pain seeming so minuscule,
I smile,
I laugh,
I live.

The author's comments:
"What inspired you to
write this piece, and/or what do
you hope people will get from it?"

What inspired me to write this piece was raw emotion. I was extremely upset, so I decided to just write and write and write until I felt better. This poem only took me 40 minutes to make with no initial structural idea.

The poem is about how it feels for someone to lose control through anger. It describes how it feels to lose control emotionally, followed by how it feels physically. Then, it describes how it feels to be caught in both of those together causing his body and soul to be numb, throwing punches to the air, or just "spazzing out".

After such an exhausting emotional roller coaster, this person's friend attempts to calm him/her down, being by his/her side. The poem then describes how it feels to get out of such an emotional state and back to normal, gradually but steadily gaining control again. Afterwards, the person looks back at what happens and wonders why he/she did such things because when you're so consumed by anger, you have nothing to say, losing your voice of reason and you have everything to lose, possibly risking everything.

But I say, however, that, just like every picture is worth 1,000 words, every poem is worth 100 meanings. I encourage you to grasp your own meaning of the poem, and I'd love to hear it!

I hope you like the poem. (:

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