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May 15, 2010
By EmelineM. BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
EmelineM. BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
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When I’m in your arms,
Everything seems perfect.

But once the nights over with
And the days go on,
I feel empty inside.

“Something’s wrong” I tell myself.
But what could it be?

Is it just love that’s growing?
Or is it me feeling insecure,
Thinking of the negative.

You breaking the promise,
Thoughts that never leave my head.

But who doesn’t think that way of the lover.
Who wants to get hurt?
Is it just me?

Just me in this cold lonely world

I just need someone.
Someone to answer my question’s.
Someone to tell me everything will be alright
Someone to show me the light,
There have been too many dark days.

Are you the answer to my questions.

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