May 15, 2010
By MegDiane BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
MegDiane BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, my last breath would be "I love you."

It was love at first sight
on that cold november night.
She was as beautiful as can be,
the preetiest girl he ever did see.
So he took a chance
and asked her to dance.
So they danced.
And then she left,
it was a theft.
She stole his heart,
didn't even leave him a part.
One day he saw her
and asked "Do you remeber?".
She smiled, "Of course I remeber you,
all I ever do
is think about that night
that made me a believer in love at first sight."
He fell for her.
She fell for him.
He loved her more then anything.
Being apart made his heart sting.
One day she said she had some news,
then she showed him the bruise.
"It won't go away,
it gets worse day by day.
So I went to the doctor....
baby I have cancer.".
He wanted to scream.
He wished it was a dream.
He held her tight,
and whispeared "We'll put up a good fight.
I love you. And baby we'll be together forever."
It was a promise from him to her.
Then the next day she didn't wake.
"This has to be fake!
She can't be gone!
She wasn't even here for long!"
He fell to his knees beside the bed.
He cried where she lay dead.
"This isn't fair,
the cancer was so rare.
How could my one and only,
die from something so deadly?!"
Not a day went by
where he didn't think "why?".
He needed to see the girl he adore,
just once more.
He remebered what he promised her.
They'd be together forever.
So he grabbed a knife,
and took his life.
They found him in his bed,
he was dead.
There was a note,
and on it he wrote:
"When she left she took my heart. I

promised her we'd be together forever.
Heres me keeping that promise. I will

die for her. I can't live without her,

so I won't."
The things you do
for your true


The author's comments:
I love to write thing that suprise or move people, please tell me what you think. I want to be a writer in college and I want to know if this would be a good career choice.

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