May 15, 2010
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I am from me

Where I speak my mind
And am not afraid to

I am from style
Where Aeropostale and Converse
Has become a sudden sensation

I am from music
Where melodies are my world

I am from food
Where spices blend
And create culture

I am from love and laughter
Where family moments and treasured

I am from Laura’s and Lair-ah’s
Where my name is commonly mispronounced

I am from respect

I am from errors
Which I learn from

I am from goals
Where they are set and

I am from culture
Where personality shines

I am from LOL’s
Where texting is the
Only form of communication

I am from education
Where it is a top priority

I am from singing and dancing
Where it is no longer a hobby
But now is like water, I need it to survive

I am from family and friends
Where a daily dose of love and care
Is all I need to get going

I am from direction
Where it is my gateway to where I am headed

I am from disagreement
Where opinions collide

I am from the sky
Where my wings open up and I soar

I am from trips to the mall
Where it is looking more like
Paradise every time

I am from paths
Where I have to decide
Which to take

I am from chit-chat
Where sometimes it occurs too much

I am from stories
Where they are passed around the dinner table

I am from me

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