May 15, 2010
By Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
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Favorite Quote:
The world kind of just goes away, and I fly..

straight killin, like my clothes are straight killers
that means I'm so fitted, got chills like a thriller
so legit, like too legit to quit
not MC hammer but i drop beats and spit
so many people talk about the same old thing
I'm like an unwrapped gift, don't know what ill bring dropping the new exclusives
listening to those beats, got me so ruthless
free-styling while listening to instrumental beats
i get it like a beast just trying to eat
like I'm consuming rappers yeah they're my food
I'm George Washington, i tell the truth
my mind is an ipod and wont stop playing
i keep writing lines, feeling what I'm saying??
Music is like a dream
hazy but still seen
quiet but still heard
I'm first second and third
yeah you settle for last place
be happy that you could race
because I'm so out of your league
I'm ahead you want me to slow down begging please
and no i cant lie I'm a beast like lebron
i take off free-throw line dunk and I'm on
so don't get it twisted and just get it right
your a peasant in this kingdom and I'm a knight


I'm about to take off, take flight understand?
I'm a champion and haven't even began
So sick on this beat yeah I'm so ill
I'm The man of steel, just like smallville
Hit hard, Yeah Muhammad Ali
I'll take you down, you'll be on your knees
On my halo game i drive and i shoot
Oh wait,that's kobe, my bad, I'm Confused
NBA game so nice, it's so raw
I always win, no lose or draw
Feeling so nice, yeah, I'm feeling so good
I do things you only wish you could
This sh** is easy and barely takes time
I get platinum hits with these nursery rhymes
I'm as big as myspace and you're just facebook
No one likes you, they flee with one look
You're like KPBS, Yeah it's true
I'm MTV, BET, and youtube.
Hotter than fire, but cooler than ice
Trying to get rich? keep shooting those dice
You try to get girls but you get no action
Clowning on you, everyday roasted
waiting for a comeback, your not burnt you're toasted
I'm cooking you just like it's AND one
getting so tired, yes i'm outdone
but yeah I'm tired I'll stop right here
stop trying to do work and find a career

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