You'll Get Hit

May 15, 2010
By Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
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The world kind of just goes away, and I fly..

Look, I'm sorry that I had to do that to you
Its true,
I played with your emotions, called you my boo
I'm feeling so alone now with no one to hold
I'm all broken down when i was once so bold
I'm sorry that I couldn't see how much you loved me
wanted me,
I'm caged up now and can't be set free
So alone in this cold cold world
I'm falling in love, with so many fake girls
and I don't know what to do anymore
ever since you walked out, right out through that door.
I just need some help, and maybe some glue
Trying to put my heart together, after what I did to you
I'm sorry, I couldn't see that you were there to stay
But little by little I pushed you away
I didn't know what to do when you left
You were different, unlike all the rest
Remember when we were little and how we first met?
It was show and tell and you brought you're own pet
I walked up to say hi and you smiled at me
I liked you then but I still couldn't see
what would happen years later today
My world was in color and now it's not even grey
Because its all dark and so black
I have nothing because it's you that I lack
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you this sooner how could I know?
I didn't know what would happen when you walked out the door
I was so confused at that moment in time
I wish i could make it better with this sweet rhyme
It's too bad I can't because you're no longer here
Who knows where you are? are you even near?
Or did you flee away?
so that you would never again, have to see my face
I'm so very sorry that i was so blind to see
how much I was loved to a certain degree
I miss you so much now that you're gone
I thought i was right, but it turns out I'm wrong
I never thought that you'd leave me all alone
I guess It's my fault, I couldn't have known
It's true that i lied, cheated, and played
If my life was a school, I'd have a bad grade
Because of the fact that I did what i did
To see you again is something forbid
If only i could control the time
I'd take us back, and press rewind
But i know that I can't and it's so sad to see
I now understand how and why you're mad at me
but how could I know, you were only a friend
I didn't change and kept the same trends
That's when you left and It hurt me so bad
When you walked out the door I began feeling sad
I then knew how much You meant to me but it was too late
That horrible accident happened around eight
at night,
You couldn't see those lights, with the tears in your eyes
didn't see the car coming, It was a surprise
and now i know as I write these lines
How much I loved you from the very first time
I'm sending this note as I'm standing over your grave
Give me the strength, so that I can be brave
How could I know? I was too blind to see.
I just hope that You are not mad at me
Goodbye and farewell, I'll see you one day
Until then I'll visit always and bring a bouquet
I'm sorry that I couldn't see it how it was
My life has changed since, and it's a lost cause

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