Money To Blow

May 15, 2010
By Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
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The world kind of just goes away, and I fly..

If you've heard about me then you should already know
no champagne diet,(pause) no money to blow
I'm nothing like drake, nothing so fake
but when i spit lines, you can feel the earth quake
shake my thoughts up a bit, bring it back then remix
thoughts on the rocks served up and just for kicks
you drink and you swallow(pause), yeah a whole bottle
turn my mind up just step on the throttle
drive my ideas and gas up my feelings
flow so sick but you can feel the healing
see past the ceiling and look to the sky
see my ideas(pause) floating right by
i say every word as it goes through my brain
it all rushes out like a cut on a vein
each and every word takes you back tracked in time
just like a movie play, pause, stop, rewind
and you can call me, the lyrical killer
i beat it like M.J. but sh** its not thriller
I'm a breath of fresh air to you n****s with asthma
my flow don't stop like the blood rushing plasma
I hit once and hit twice like rocky balboa
they say there he go that's Adrian Gamboa
I play ball wearing that jersey number zero
lyrically saving these dudes, lyrical hero
speed fast in my lane just like it's a track race
no competition i got 1st,2nd,3rd place
I'm fresh(pause) like the prince of Bel Air
I got it all though so that means i can't share
I could go on and on about how I'm better than you
but why not take notes? I'll take you back to school
is that cool? I don't want to teach some fools
please don't fall asleep or even dare to drool
I wake you up just like I'm E-40 or Akon
Vietnam at war and I drop the A-Bomb
My flow is so right that it could be so wrong
I get it Like Trey with a z how I spell songs
and you can feel the beat as you listen
I cook it up, I'm the chef in the kitchen
New order up as I put my new dish in
Brand new game I got the three swish and
then brand new fame as i have the paparazzi
not Lil Wayne no damn feds to cop me
not Dwight Howard no one to block me
brand new slate now i will chalk me
Redraw my flow with artistic value
Just like Van Gogh tell me who's that dude?
A-rod this now and I am at bat fool
KG this(pause) and I am a mad dude
Yes i go crazy with every single word
I promise it comes out like nothing you've heard
Or nothing You've seen but I promise you this
each sentence can make you again reminisce
if i keep going tell me who's to get busy?
This sh** keeps going and it keeps getting if-y
Flow so nice like a dude named Drizzy
Back track again and i got you all dizzy
Feel me? or do you just hear me?
or can you just read me while you don't even see me
are you even near me? no you're way far behind
I'm like a tumor in your head that won't let you remind
or better remember, In my club I'm the member
But no one can join cuz I burn like an ember
I burn you and lose you
If I am the leader than tell me now who's who?
nah I don't know you, but you just don't know me
so please come back later maybe around three
or just don't come back I am on this track
racing to the end, all you dudes are wack!

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