What is a Crayon?

May 20, 2010
By Meagan Doll Doll BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
Meagan Doll Doll BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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As if hand-crafted by a power much higher than that of which we can comprehend,
A box of waxy creation.
Holding more wisdom than one might infer,
Or care to know.

From a delicate child, whose worry is no larger than the outlined picture he’ll soon tackle,
The thought of such carefree joy can seem so far off to a rushing world.
They are an example to the earth we inhabit—
Seemingly comfortable with each other’s surroundings.
Acceptance is woven all throughout their variety of shades.
Colors of complete equality splashed among even the most contrasting.

Or the midnight relief to an anxious teenager,
Crayons become the outlet.
Bringing light to a vacant space.
The small cylinders begin to unveil possibilities.
The vibrations of her being in the world are as intricate as the designs on the page.

The memorable leaflet of love to a working father…
His spitting image is now his own, expressing a grateful word.
Through crayons, a small note is worth more than any coin.

A crayon is the saving grace for a busy young mother,
Scribbles in vibrant colors,
Serving for no more than the evening’s dinner list.
Refreshing bursts of joy occupy the note.
A burdening job becomes a welcoming challenge.

The appearance being that of childish entertainment and cheap supplies,
But the metaphors of the future dispensed silently to those who accept them.

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