The Child

May 20, 2010
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Every day, when a child glanced out at the world,
She would see a million different objects, and each of which altered her future;
Some objects had a large impact, while others merely nudged her destiny,
But regardless of the size of its effect, each changed her life forever.

The blooming lilies changed this child,
And the tangled vines, and the bleeding heart flowers, and the sweet-scented lilacs,
And the old towering pines, and the young little saplings, and the new buds just sprouting,
And the beautiful green meadows, and the rolling hills all changed this child.

The busy squirrels changed this child,
And each bird, loudly singing its own unique tune,
And the deer and its fawn, cautiously wandering through the woods,
And the single white dove, always sitting sad and alone,
And the intruding mice, hiding in the dark all changed this child.

The large quiet lake changed this child,
And the gentle waves, caused by boating passersby,
And the curious minnows, always swimming in so close,
And the giant bass, cleverly avoiding all the tricks of fisherman,
And the bold sunnies, all too willing to take a risk,
And the chirping frogs, swimming and hopping about carelessly, all changed this child.

The nearby farms changed this child,
And the lazy cows, sleepily grazing as they stroll around,
And the silly chickens, clucking as they scratch and pick at the ground,
And the barn swallows, swooping low and crying out at strangers,
And the farm cats, constantly on the prowl for mice;
These all changed the little child, who still glances out at the world every day.

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