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May 20, 2010
By miababy94 BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
miababy94 BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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You promised forever.
Never to lie or cheat.
You broke your promises,
and shattered my dreams.
You took the breath straight out of my lungs.
My heart is shattered in a trillion pieces,
and yes, I blame you.
I trusted you, and gave it all to you.
Only to get it thrown in my face.
You pushed my away from you,
yet blamed it on me.
You put me down by your ignorant actions and selfish words.
You even made me believe it was my fault.
You stabbed me in the back
then acted as if nothing was done.
Six months is a long time,
Four people behind my back was too much for you to hide.
You meant the world to me,
but I wasn’t enough for you.
I gave it all to you,
my heart, my love, my everything.
You chose your childish games over me…
… Took advantage of me…
It’s hard to forgive, let alone forget.
And to know I’ve to let go?
It’s all because of you,
that my skies are lonely and grey…
I walk alone now,
in my own cold and darkened world.
My head hangs low,
I hardly have strength to lift it anymore.
A weight stays on my shoulders,
holding me back and slowing me down.
My body feels empty,
my heart, so sadly used…
It’s all because of you, that I’m broken in two…

The author's comments:
All I can say... You know who you are.

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