A butterfly is formed

May 20, 2010
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A caterpillar crawls, seeming helpless
her body is pulled from place to place by fragile legs
but soon she will change
metamorphosing form a caterpillar she becomes a cocoon

learning about herself, deciding what her morals are
it seems as if her life is rushing by
growing up so soon, maturing so fast
she looks as if she is growing even older

starting to break her shell she opens her wings to be herself
now knowing who she wants to become, embracing her true colors as a butterfly
as a butterfly she is grown up, looking strong and courageous

now a butterfly is truly formed
with wings she can fly, wings that are her own
her own color, colors of deep blue, and stunning purple
her own shape, she is constructed carefully with love

once a baby she could only see the world on the floors of the earth
now she has the power to fly, the power to fly free
free to explore the sights of the sky

now it seems as if she has saw the whole world around her
soon she will produce caterpillars of her own
she see’s their small angelic bodies

remembering when she was that small
as a mother she raises her babies
teaching them morals, and all that young ones need to be taught

now her young are growing old
she is able to fly gracefully, gracefully her spirit will fly on

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