I told you so

May 20, 2010
By , Medford, NJ
I walk through the door
I hear it shut
But what I don’t hear is what bothers me
Your voice isn’t audible
I walk across the ground
I feel the gravel slipping under my shoes
But what I don’t feel is what hurts me
I see you laying
His arms wrapped around your waist
The love you’ve given him was suppose to belong to me
And the holes you left
Cant be replaced
Two feet in
Or two feet out
But to spite you ill stand on the line between the two
Where every word is a lie and you can tell
And every movement is rehearsed and fake
But ill stand on this line
Where the decisions are mine
And the pain belongs to you
I bet he’ll hold you tight
And tell you how wrong I am
But in a few months when he leaves
And I’m gone
Maybe you’ll realize that you threw it all away
What am I suppose to say
Except I told you so

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