Who Am I?

May 20, 2010
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Who am I, you may ask?
Well not even I know am totally sure

I am a protector of my young nephew,
I will do anything to keep him safe from all harm
I am the broken hearted, the lost, the scared
I am a song, dancing to my own beat
I am the high school girl, just trying her best to get a good education

I am the friend that listens, that loves, that does not judge
I am the dysfunctional families who fight, who love, who forgives
I am the hope in the world, just trying to help the community
I am young love, just trying to find the love of my life
I am the independent woman, who is headstrong, is determined, is rebellious

I am a girl who is wholehearted, honest, sincere
I am too trusting, giving my heart away for anyone to have
I am the color red, red with passion, love, danger
I am the loner, just trying to find her true friends
I am the one who’s hurt, broken from false love

I am the late night party, just trying to have a good time
I am the picture album, full of good times, memories, times to come
I am the hard worker, just trying to make my mark in this world
I am the artist, who is creative, clever, original
I am the crazy, locked up from the outside world

I may be all of these things, but I am me
Never changing, yet also always changing
My flaws for everyone to see, but still, I am no one else,
I will always be me.

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