May 20, 2010
By Amandajane524545 BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
Amandajane524545 BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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"you out clubbin? well i just made carmel delight"

Born in small town, everyone knows everyone.
People are close friends, neighbors are there to help.
People care and lend you a hand when fixing a broken fence.
A mother will bring you soup when you’re sick.
A father will help you when you’re stuck.

When you reach your goal in school,
People are there to celebrate with you.
Reaching your goal is important.
When you reach it you feel happy and smile wide.

A puppy can bring you great joy,
When he prances across the floor to kiss you with his wet tongue.
He will yip when he sees you arrive home from school.
He sits perched on the couch by the window waiting for your arrival.
He likes when you scratch his chest.
He loves when you pet his silk soft skin.
He is cute when he is tired at night and curls up next to you.

Going on a trip also brings you joy.
Driving there and watching the cities pass by,
Staring at the yellow numbers as the hours go by.
And that moment when you arrive and you feel excitement.
Stepping out of the car and stretching your weak legs.
Running to the hotel to call the best bed.
Settling in to get ready for all the excitement to come.
Going to the football game and seeing all the green and gold.
And feeling as if you’re right at home.

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