May 20, 2010
By L.Y.D.I.A. BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
L.Y.D.I.A. BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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It starts out softly dripping
A hushed shimmer with the moon
Battered deer knee down to Earth
Things with wings on branches cling
To accompany the first screech, the drum-
Continues, Beats. Down. Angrily. Thrashes-
Its screams a bass’s roar.
The air whips; yet bullying
The drums’ beat, irregular, a crescendo,
The rain a wall of frigid life,
Pouring in from delayed holiday.
Snarls sneak from the lips of wolves, unwelcoming
Fortissimo’s arrival, deserts silence in its place,
At once the sky is wiped white with fright,
All is……………… quiet.
Back with a vengeance is the thunder!
The storm rages on
The foxes breathe deep, masked in tails like bandits,
Owls blink their wet eyes with disgust,
Hungry hungry hungry hungry restless talons hungry no meal tonight.
Wait it out wait it out wait it out the animals breathe
It will leave; the fear will leave, breathe in
Hold on, wait it out, don’t worry yourself, let go.
Never did I sleep so sound nor feel so safe
Than when that storm did pound.

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