From Where I Stand

May 20, 2010
By Anonymous

From where i stand,
I can see the trees swing with every shiver of the couds breath,
They stand so still and sure,
Every lick from the clouds tears,
They hold them in their wide branches.

From where i stand,
there is a baby girl hopping to her mother,
while being lifted in the air,
A smile as wids as the mountains,
spread accross her small face,
Never did the mother stop laughing
Her eyes shining with every twinkle of the sun,
Her laugh as sweet as honey, spreading lightly over the proud tree's branches.

From where i stand,
The bird chirped happily,
bright, cheery sounds
serenading the little baby girl and her mother,
Who now sit under the proud branches of the large welcoming tree.

From where i stand,
There is an angel,
standing beside me telling me to come,
Telling me to come pray.
Her bright light shines like a thousand stars lit up in one room,
Her fluid walk leads me away from my beautiful earth as we walk back to the gates.

From where i stand i can see my beautiful bustling world i used to be in,
So beautiful are the babies who's soft feet get tickled by their mothers gentle hands,
How beautiful are the first days of kindergarten,
The scared expressions on the toddlers show their lack of pure bravery,
Until their mothers come to give them one last kiss that burns into them,
Staying with them for the rest of the day.

From where i stand i say goodbye to my favorite things.
The baby,
The mother,
The tree and the birds.
I quietly promise them safety for the rest of the night,
I whisper words that keep the cars slowed when they pass to their sacred home,
I whisper words that keep men who steal children hold off until the next day,
When i wish them off once again,
I promise from where i stand,
there will be safety...
I blew a kiss and wished them luck,
It was, as always, His job from now on to take over their souls,
until tomorrow.

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