Just a Lake

May 20, 2010
When I was young, I met this beautiful girl by a lake.
When I was young, I met this handsome boy by a lake.

She had hair like gold, skin that glowed
His skin was soft, his hair shone.

She had eyes like grass, emeralds and envy.
He had eyes like the sky, newborn boys and the sea.

Her lips were pink, smooth,and filled me with lust.
The shape of his mouth, I longed to touch.

I knew it was her I had to meet.
I wanted to touch him, but I couldn't move my feet.

As she stood there, staring at the sea.
That mysterious boy strolled up to me.

I don't yet know how, but I leaned in for a taste.
His gentle, hands circled my waist.

I felt the heat beneath her lips.
This boy was like extravagant wine, and I could only take sips.

I wrapped my hands in her silky hair.
My world was spinning, how much longer would I fare?

I breathed her in, but it was getting difficult.
He was the sweetest sugat, I thought I would melt.

We stayed lost in each other for the longest time.
Some how, I unlocked myself from him and let out a sigh.

I looked at her...with love in my soul, and heat in my eyes.
My heart was pounding; I wasn't ready for goodbyes.

This girl would always have a place in my heart.
This boy would be a great beginning, a beautful start.

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