Ode to a Flower

May 20, 2010
By CuriousGeorge BRONZE, West Bend, Wisconsin
CuriousGeorge BRONZE, West Bend, Wisconsin
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Life begins as a seed,
And water is a most definite need.
Then with the help of warming sunlight,
A brand new life takes toll and comes into sight.
Rather it be your bountiful beauty,
Or your magestic scent that sparks my imagination,
My mind is truly bent...
How can one little seed,
After indeed haveing many needs,
Develope into a head turning sensation?
As i recall, life only began as a seed.

The author's comments:
I was working on a language poetry project and i decided to write about flowers. I love working in the garden and making places look bright and welcoming. I figured if that a if a flower can help brighten the world, what about a poem. I think that this piece of mine, would probably be the best poem/ode i have ever written!

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