In My Eyes

May 20, 2010
By , West Bend, WI
The first time I laid my eyes on you
I felt nothing
In my eyes you were just another girl
You knew me before I knew you
Only now, I wish it were just opposite
In my eyes you are the one
One day came as a shock
Though I did not like it at the time
In my eyes I had to respect your decision
When you were with him
I was happy for you were happy
In my eyes you were still beautiful
I thought it would not last
Time progressed as I grew more agitated
In my eyes you were his puppet
One day came with uplifting joy
And I readied myself and muscled the courage
In my eyes you would be mine
Though still a little dazed and confused
I asked the question I needed to know
In my eyes we would never be
The more I saw you two
The more unhappy and depressed I became
In my eyes he could not handle the truth
He is misleading you
Though you, not I are blind
In my eyes he is wrong for you
The look on his face disgusts me
How could someone be so emotionless
In my eyes you didn’t mean what you said
You followed his ways of dealing with stress
I ask you to please stop
In my eyes he is turning you into something you swore you wouldn’t become
I feel like you have stabbed knives into my back
Knives that could only be duller than the look on his face
In my eyes he was trying to silence you from talking to me
I envy but wish not
For envy is sinful
In my eyes if he did what he said he’d do if we were together, it would not mattered if he sinned
I feel you drifting
You ask what is wrong but you don’t care
In my eyes you aren’t feeling the slightest bit of guilt

As the year draws to a close
Your dearest and closest friends wish him out of your life
You’re too good for him
Make the right choice
Not for us
But for you

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