cool winter day

May 11, 2010
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life is so bright like the sun on a cool winter day.
reflecting its rays off the white snowy ground.
though it is cold outside it looks as if it could melt away from the inside.
what is seen is only a reflection, a reflection put out for others to see.
life is made of many things.
happiness is one , one that people have when they have someone or something to share it with.
sadness another, where it takes place as a cold empty shell, an empty shell so hollow only tears fill its place.
tears fill a place and slowly it empties, till nothing is left, left in that hollow empty place.

like that sun on a winter day life is cold and life is warm.
you can be that snowy ground, and everyone who loves you is that bright sun reflecting its rays upon the white.
making the world sparkle and seem as if everything is beautiful.
like nothing will end and all will last forever.

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