A Day In The Life Of The Rockstar Nikk Jon Mascaro

May 11, 2010
Wake up at 1:30 PM,
Lay in bed for 15 minutes,
Eat a hearty breakfast of pizza, chips, frosted flakes,
Top it all of with a Dr. Pepper and an Advil to make your migraine go away from all the
Monsters last night.
Practice guitar mindlessly for about 5 hours while watching whatever’s on TV,
Stopping for a text or two,
At about 7:00 PM,
Shower, pack a pair of clothes in my guitar case,
Go over with my band to the drummer’s house unexpectedly,
“Politely” let ourselves in
(a.k.a. barge in giving a mumbled hello to the drummer savoring the surprised look on his face)
Practice with my band till about 11:30
Then order Meat Lover’s pizza with cheese stuffed crust and Root Beer,
Make sure the bassist takes care of it.
Spend the rest of the night watching assorted horror movies
Always include paranormal activity and a SAW marathon
Fall asleep at precisely 6:30 AM
m/ m/ m/

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