Stay Strong

May 11, 2010
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Hidden bruises, face full of pain
Last night was the worst of them all
Bottles shattered, mommy crying
That's all that she can recall

But despite it, she'll look at you
Straight in the eyes, say everything is alright
Secretly wanting you to search deeper
Into her heart, it's no pleasant sight

She'll say it with a straight face
Every lie and every bluff
She'll take the pain without question
She'll be torn apart soon enough

She'll shrug everything off
Suck it up and hide it all
She doesn't want anyone else to worry
About picking her up when she falls

She doesn't want to be a burden
To anyone with her problems and fears
So she passes by quietly
No pouting and no tears

She's done listening to those liars
Who say they care, when they really don't
The lies they tell her, she's sick of it
They say they'll always have her back, they won't

So she fights for herself
When no one else is by her side
She's the only one who feels the pain
The only one who knows she cried

The only person who hears the screams
Who actually feels the thorn
Of a powerful blow of her daddy's fist
Once more falling to the ground, worn

All torn up in pieces
Struggling to survive another day
A shattered heart she carries around
Heavy with the secrets she couldn't say

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