A Walk Through Life

May 11, 2010
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The Runway is the walk of life,
True colors shine through anything,
Dancing releases the spirit,
Intriguing is the road of life,
Living big is something only you can do for yourself,
Memories last forever,
Life takes everything you have got,
Road trips are not just for family now,
Weekends are what everyone lives for,
Winter brings the Holidays,
A spot can be something adorable,
Stripes are as flawless as ever,
Amazing is what you say with your eyes,
Pink is not only a color, but a secret,
I miss you is more than just words,
Giving not only helps others, but helps yourself as well,
Summer brings vacations,
Butterflies are more than just insects,
Beautiful is what everyone is,
But Sexy is what everyone wants,
Silly is having fun without caring,
Attitude has been changing,
Myths are for people who love stories,
Chill is what everyone needs to be,
You really are missin’ it,
Confidence is the new beauty,
Spring is still bringing the rain,
Footprints is not only a poem, but an impact where you have been and what you have changed,
Smiling blooms the soul,
Natural wonders are right before your eyes,
Delicious is for chocolate,
The lock on the friendship bracelet may break, but the friendship is still going on and strong,
Fall brings changing colors,
Green is more than it seems,
Life may not be what you had expected,
Stop thinking of what life will be, or how life has been,
Life is classic, priceless and comes only once,
Have fun, express yourself, give your love, share your feelings, make peace and make a fresh start,
Make your footprints last forever in people for life.

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