May 11, 2010
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Shivering and pattering in the night.
The rain thumping against the window panes
Creating a metronome to my heart beats.
The electricity in the air.
I can feel the power with every beat.
As the clouds loom closer,
They swallow up the sky.
As they travel near,
They bring with them a madness
Transferred through the drops
Booming and Clashing through the sky.
The bolts of light crack the Earth
Traveling towards me bringing excitement.
The hair stands up on my arms
As the air slows down coming to a stop.
The world united,
Taking a pause,
Taking a giant breath before the plunge.
The lightening crashes
With a flash,
Illuminating all shadows.
Crevices you didn't know where there
Are bared before your eyes
In the blinding white light
That forces your mind to shudder.
You wait for the inevitable.
You know what is to come.
I brace myself against the Thunder
But this is no help.
My heart leaps forward.
My nerves jump up.
The growl sprints through me,
Pounding my head.
I see the circus,
The elephants running and trumpeting.
The performance for all eyes
A special laser show
For those who care to look.

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