Sonwballs and spaghetti O’s

May 20, 2010
By tyler korhonen BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
tyler korhonen BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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Sonwballs and spaghetti O’s

Snow falling softly to the ground
The Trees looking white all around

The birds playing in the Snow
As peter gets the first throw

The battle is on its time to play
As peter gets hit by mary may

Oh no they are attacking from the side
Its time to stand up and show our pride

Know were winning and they must pay
Before mom calls us in to hit the Hay

I got hit and know im out
Were almost done its time to shout

The bell has rung and we must go
Time to eat our spaghetti O’s

Tomorrow we will be out to pay
And beat those kids on that day

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