A Snowflake's Death

May 20, 2010
I looked outside to see a cloud on earth
Snow had fall and down it still came
Looking deeper I focused on a single flake

It turned, it twisted, it fluttered down
Every twister revealing it’s character
Every move, it’s individuality

It’s beauty unmatched, save the one beside it
A unique beauty, difficult to imagine
But surely if you see it, you know
It’s grace defined by such awkward cuteness
Such strange patterns

Each individual made up of the same blocks
Parts changing it by how they’re placed
Each piece liquid, but no more
Strangely shaped, to defy the norm

Made of material older than all,
But it its self no more ancient than its fall

Truly beautiful and unique, ancient but young, unmatched while related
A sorry appears among the clarity now
It swells as its destiny is fulfilled
For among the beauty, grace, age, and youth
It had forgotten one truth that will always be
It hits the ground, littered with its past
For its uniqueness and self, it ends like the rest
For the sun has come out to create
A Snowflakes Death

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