You move me

May 20, 2010
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You move me like a dozen roses budding into beauty
While the wind moves the vines to the ground.
You move me like a piece of music that means so much
The melody connects us to each other like a movie connected to an actor.
You move me like the colors of the pheasants
Rising in the dawn.
You move me to the sky that allows many things to happen
Urging me to take my dreams to the next level and achieve them.
You move me in my dreams
That great things eventually happen.
You move me like a dancer
Hoping to relax your soul and accomplish many things.
You move me like a star that twinkles through the night
Watching me until the moonlight fades.
You move me like a soft, sweet melody
Embracing me when I have a bad day.
You move me like a pen on paper
Trying to read over my shoulder at the thoughts I have.
You move me like a dozen budding roses.

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