Fire in the Hearth

May 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Out of the snow in to the battle
Waiting on the side walk
Buses 3 and 18 pass by
There is our bus 72.

We step off the side walk to reach the door
Sit in a spot close enough to help
But far enough away not to be caught in the cross fire.

On to the street
Usually the start of the verbal
And sometimes physical battle

Back and forth

Back and forth

Back and forth

Each side does its best to better the other

I know it is my time
I plunge into the middle
With my best effort
Focused on stopping the argument.

One is easy to stop
Just a few words are good.

He latches on to the threads
Of his savior from the cold pool of defeat
Wish once again never to have challenged to foe.

The other much harder
Prone to anger
The littlest thing can start the fire.
Soothing words calming and to the point

Even though
They may not be the total truth,
They douse the flames.

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