Just Stand

May 19, 2010
By Anonymous

The first part is always the fastest,
Going up quickly and carelessly.
Its not until you reach the top you realize your height,
And that is when you realize how difficult the test.

Perched up high, nothing can touch you.
Yet, a darkness still looms about.
It chills, and you shake as you look down
In your heart, you know you must pull through.

Your goal hangs only feet away,
But your feet are stuck with staples
You try to stand, but your hands keep you.
The ground beneath you begins to sway

Keep holding on, fearing a fall,
But you know you are safe.
You have the support you need with you.
Trust is what can make you tall.

Standing slowly, one foot at a time,
Your hands leave the wood.
Hesitating for a moment to resist a shake,
You have finally finished your climb

Of your goal, you get only a glance
Then jump from your perch to meet it
Your leap frees you from the circling darkness,
Your fall suddenly stops as if it is just chance

You go down slowly and your feet reach the ground.
The fear suddenly leaves you, and you know you are safe.
You accomplished what you started
And everything is lighter, every way around.

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