He is.

May 19, 2010
By lilly007 GOLD, Salem, Oregon
lilly007 GOLD, Salem, Oregon
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Nary but a fool

A lovers pain

I know someone

Who, though I love, lives far away

I love him

But who is he

He’s my friend

But we never see each other

He is my hope

But he is like a light far away

He is the moon

On a foggy night

He is the sun

Just starting to rise in a haze of colors

He is like a mighty Bird of Prey

But flying so far away that he’s reduced to a speck in the distance

He is strong and mighty

But as invisible as a roaring wind

He is the tallest mountain

He is the smallest speck of dust

He is my happiness and joy

He is my sadness my sorrow

He is love

He is sadness

He is hope

He is heartbreak

He is the missing piece of a puzzle

He is the sun on a rainy day

He is my hope my dreams

He is my burning desire

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