May 19, 2010
Let it out, they say,
Release what you hold.
How can I empty,
When just sucked dry.
Tell us how you feel…
A corpse doesn’t feel.
There is nothing
To feel with.
A corpse doesn’t think.
What is there
To think about?
Can’t know, can’t tell
Of the emptiness within.
When life decays,
From inside out,
Leaving hollowness.
Showing on the outer
Crust surrounding
Just like that,
You took me away.
Leaving a shell
To face each day
With nothing.
No strength to make
It through.
A corpse doesn’t live.
So why must I remain,
While you leave?
Let me join you,
Corpse with corpse.
Like with like,
And find life.
Once again.
Until then,
Only a corpse.

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