May 19, 2010
You drag me down every night,
A victim of your grasping claws.
Your terrifying presence paralyzes.
The dark seething thundercloud,
Rolling on the near horizon, coming.
The inevitable test, the dreaded ordeal,
Stealing over my peace.
Preying on vulnerability, decaying quiet.
Slinking in like a burglar
Uninvited, unwanted, to take away
Gathering valuables, leaving only a mess.
I wake to find a terrifying new world.
You changed my home, broke reassurance.
Skeletal remains left, hollow shell of myself.
An empty container sucked dry, emptied,
By your constant torment each night.
Destroying my strength, snapping me apart,
Leaving me torn, ripped from support.
Scrambling to piece together what was,
Find what I lost, but you took it away.
Deep in the night, disappearing in dark,
Leaving my eyes peeled to the new world.
Where all peace, comfort, security, gone
Eaten away by your night.

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