What is Life?

May 19, 2010
By , McDonough, GA
What is the purpose of life?
Is life about how much money is made?
Or is life about love and contentment?
Life is one big question that is never answered.
Life is worth living just to seek out the answer.

Life is not about material possessions.
Life is not about knowing everything,
But having the desire to learn. Something’s
In life will never be understood, but that
Is what makes life one big Question.

What makes up life is the people we
Put into it. The people we love and
Care about. The ones who will be there
Until the end, until that one day that separates
Us from the ones that we love.

We should not be worried about Death,
A concept in which keeps most of us
Worried our whole life. We should be
Worried about how we spend our life,
Not how long we have to live it.

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