These Curves

May 19, 2010
By RaquelMyraaa_ BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
RaquelMyraaa_ BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
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imperfections are the most perfect thing of all

These curves. 

I know I'm not pretty like her
No, not with these curves
Her body is straight, but mine is wavy
The eyes I catch don't look because
I'm pretty.  
Not when I'm with her, 
And definitely not, not with these curves
She's beautiful, they whisper
Later on, they'll snicker
About the other girl, the fat one
To my face, I'm gorgeous me
But after I'm gone, they're glad I'm me,
Not them. 
The ocean has waves,
Sonorous like the music they say,
But it's a lie because I'm overweight. 
I'm overweight in these curves. 
Underneath, I'm screaming out,
Don't look at Them, see me. 
See the girl under these, 
These curves. 
See me, beneath the ocean,
Beneath the music. 
Because I'm, I am a person.  
But all you see is vastness,
Not the girl on the inside. 
Not the girl who quotes Frost,
Not the girl who laughs at everything. 
No, not her. 
And definitely not,
Not with these curves. 

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