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May 19, 2010
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A ripple in clear blue water, perfectly polished China glass, a rain drop on a rose petal,
an ocean’s wave, the skyline of a city at midnight, the brightest star in the sky,
a sapphire ring, the moon lighting up the ocean, the clear blue sky on a spring day,

a blue bird on a snow covered tree branch, a piece of silver shining in the sunlight,
icesicles hanging on a window sill, a waterfall rushing over large rocks glinting in the sun,
dark fog that cuts sunlight off from the world, the shimmer of a knife held against one’s heart,

ice cubes floating in lemonade, blue veins visibly showing through the thin skin of an aging person, a lonely teardrop sliding miserably down a pale cheek, the bond of lovers holding hands, a bone piercing through the skin, a warm quilt on a bed, thorns embedded in the silky soft skin of a maiden,
a shard of glass cutting into the fleshy foot of a child, the blueness of a face with no air to breathe, a drop of water in blue paint, a silver shield bearing the stains of a lost battle,
a sailboat lost at sea, a thick rain cloud, a silver streak of lightning in the sky, a rip in a blue silk dress,
a baby blue blanket, frost bitten lips, a blue thumbtack, a newly formed bruise,
a foggy window, a blue thread through the eye of a needle, a razor slicing through a vein,
a blue dot on a white piece of paper, blue eye shadow forming the character of a forgotten person, a neon sign flashing in the night, the first snow fall of the year, a blue hair ribbon,
a light kiss on the cheek, an unsaid prayer, a basket of blueberries,
a blue rhinestone in a child’s hand, the warm embrace of forever,

Kyle’s eyes.

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