May 19, 2010
By B.E.M BRONZE, Midland, Texas
B.E.M BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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The truth of the war can only be seen through the eyes of soldiers,
they carry the weight of our freedom on their shoulders.
This is why we will never understand
why the boy that left came back a man.
Things they have seen
haunt them in their dreams, terrorizing them of horrific scenes.
They watch as their fallen comrades fight for their last breath,
they are brave and scared as they walk through the battlefield of death.
It's only right to show them respect,
they sacrifice their all, without any regrets.
Protecting themselves with an AK47
their fate relies on our father who art in heaven.
Standing for the red, white and blue,
To their country they will always be true.
Weeping loved ones long for their return,
their hearts are filled with worry and concern.
They hope and pray they never get the call
that their beloved soldier took the fall.
Many soldiers have fallen and many more will rise,
it is to them that we all owe our lives.

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