save me

May 19, 2010
By Anonymous

you make the pain go away
you make the tears stop falling
you make the violence end
you make the anger deep inside dissapear

when i slit my wrists to get ride of the pain
when i try to drink myself to death
you stop me from leaving
you take the bottle and pour it down the sink
you grab the blade and lock it up

i scream at you and try to hit you
you catch me hands and hold them down
you let go and i hit you
i collapse onto your lap
and i begin sobbing
you hold me close
and i tell you im sorry
i sob out the words i love you and i miss you

i cant live without you
i need you here with me
if you leave my eyes will close forever
i ask you why you saved me
you hold me closer and say
i love you
i need you with me
i cant live without you

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