The Diabolical Truth

May 19, 2010
By ShannJarka BRONZE, Lombard, Illinois
ShannJarka BRONZE, Lombard, Illinois
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Working on A Dream.

I’m sitting here waiting; it has been awhile since you’ve been around.
The smiles are now frowns and the love has all drown.
What you do to me is unbearable it’s terminally, undeniably, diabolically killing me.
The way you mesmerize makes me want to memorize the good-times we had when
You were still here... But, the blood pouring from my heart is causing the Love and memories to smear.
I used to look up to you but you’re not the man I once knew for everything you put me through I have no respect for you.
Its okay, I’m done trying; it’s only making me madder and sadder seeing her Crying.
What you did to us was regrettable; yet, you act like it’s forgettable.
It was deniable but then again you’re unreliable.
The way you lie all the time is the reason I’m saying bye for good
I'm sorry if you take this as being misunderstood…
You’re just not the guy I hoped for; you thought you could buy my love, well that’s where you went wrong, you’re finally looking back but I’m already gone.
Everything was better before you lied. Now that it’s over my Love towards you has subside… in terms you’ll understand, my love for you has died.

The author's comments:
This is a personal poem [not trelating to my family!!!!!!!!]
I cant really say anymore.

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