Bad News

May 19, 2010
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Can't breathe
choke on fear
Are they serious?
No way to be sure

Don't feel.
If you pretend
it doesn't hurt
maybe it won't.
When that doesn't work
hold on to the pain
Cling to it like
your firstborn child
I'd rather be in pain than empty.

Hear no evil
Cover my ears
don't let it get to me

See no evil
Close my eyes
Look away
pretend pretend pretend

Speak no evil
Don't interrupt
Don't gert involved
that makes it real

FOrget Forget Forget
It never happened
What happened?

Curl up in a ball
lie in the dark
don't cry
It's a sign of weekness
Hold on to your pain
Guard it with your life

Be silent - don't make it real.

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