The Bridge

May 19, 2010
Down the deep dark road I stared
like staring into a ruthless soul
Walking down the aisle I feared,
What was the aim of this scary goal?
To find what I've been seeking,
to expose what I've been dreading,
my shoes are slowly creaking.
Walking still wondering why I've
chosen this unearthly night to
wonder to and fro with fright.
Oh listen to that nightly sound,
of wind and apparitions bound.
The frosted air upon my face,
to the feet between both shoe and lace.
On the other side at last,
dark, death, and dread has passed.

I shall now continue fast
Searching for my faithful past.

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Yate1234 said...
Dec. 17, 2012 at 9:37 pm
This poem really helped me in a time in my life when I could really identify with the imagery and creativity of your writing. Hope you can do more works like this one; Keep it up bro
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