May 19, 2010
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Leaving to you the bruised appearance
Because of the absence in my deliverance
My shameful alibi of a fake world
Leaves me broken from all my afterwards
A demon sleeps upon my back
From my heart to my mind
He seals the crack
I feel I am a childhood illusion
Breaking the barriers of delusion
Actions presented to me when I was young
Has left my motivation for the future
I kill myself with every misunderstood
Trying to create something for myself
Is an old obituary
I use all my waking effort
trying to love another
I am everything I’ve been afraid of
And my goal is to rise above this
I’m the only disease I have left
To fight against
This is just one release I need
To build my defense
Never did I feel so faithless
Never did I feel so absent to myself
My heart is so full of pain
From the strains I’ve built
With everyone I’ve been to scared to
My goals are full, but mislead
I feel dead in the pains I’ve gained
In the absence of myself

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